5 thoughts on “What should I do if I buy a seller for a seller on Taobao?”

  1. False delivery refers to the seller's "delivery" of the transaction, but in fact it has not been shipped. You encounter similar problems during the transaction. It is recommended to communicate and negotiate with the seller first. If you cannot solve it, please distinguish the situation.
    Ilis 1: Buy automatic recharge products
    Is automatic recharge products are automatically judged by the system for delivery operations, so there is no false delivery of the seller. It can initiate rights that have not received the goods.

    The case: The purchase of virtual commodities (except for automatic recharge)
    Stime, the transaction time of virtual commodities is relatively short, automatic delivery of goods 24 hours and other virtual products for 3 days. Please pay attention to timeout and apply for refunds in time to avoid trading and playing sellers without receiving the goods.

    It situation 3: The purchase of physical products
    The logistics information is not the seller's clicks and the tracking record will appear immediately. If the seller is shipped within 72 hours after the buyer pays (except for the two parties), there is no logistics tracking record in this time period or the logistics information does not meet the buyer's receipt information, and you can apply for a refund. After the refund is successful, the seller can initiate the rights protection of the seller's commitment to the delivery time, and the seller will be processed after the customer service verification.
    Reminder: When the transaction encounters problems, the communication between the two parties to buy and seller is the key. I hope that both parties will encounter problems with friendly consultation.

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