4 thoughts on “What does virtual delivery on Taobao mean”

  1. Taobao virtual delivery refers to recharge, QQ value -added business, Q coins, game cards, etc. Because what is needed is a computer and an automatic recharge software, which does not require logistics to purchase goods, so it is also called virtual items. There are two options for starting a business online. One is to sell physical objects, and the other is to sell virtual items (selling point cards, recharge QQ value -added business, etc.) to operate physical objects that refer In order for its unique characteristics: large investment, logistics purchase and delivery, large operating costs, long cycles, and no conducive to novice starting operations, etc., people who open online are high.

  2. The title should be the problem of delivery of virtual items. The steps are as follows:
    1, log in to Taobao account.
    2, enter the seller center.
    3, find "my order", see the baby who needs to be shipped.
    4, click to ship, and then you will see three options, order online. Contact yourself without logistics.
    5, click without logistics delivery.
    6. Submit and confirm, then virtual items are shipped.

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