3 thoughts on “Taobao buying sellers virtual delivery! How to do?”

  1. Two methods:
    1.7 you can apply for refund. Change the shop
    2. If you want this thing, find the official customer service of Taobao, and cut a picture of the chat record of the shop customer service.

  2. Enter my shot, click the product I bought
    and then make details after trading here. After entering, on the detailed page of the baby, you can see the word refund. If you click, you can enter the application refund page, very simple!
    If you do not apply for a refund, he does not ship, then this transaction will always be the status quo, and the money will always be in Tenpay! Never change! Unless you handle the next step, you can OK

  3. If you really want to deal with
    , leave your chat history
    and then screenshots of the time he shipped
    R n. Don't worry about the rest, you don't need to worry about it

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