5 thoughts on “Why is there QB?”

  1. You can buy QQ shows, open red diamonds, yellow diamonds, green diamonds, blue diamonds, purple diamonds, QQ members, etc., as well as games that can be purchased by Tencent, and so on. But Q coins need to be recharged with RMB.

  2. Now there is only one kind of hair hair
    In you buy a point card of more than 10 yuan, and the 10 yuan is turned to 150 qb
    30 yuan to 450 qb
    Card thick, rush straight this QQ number: 1
    2 8
    9 n9
    8 (TX public beta code) Ask the hacker to take it, I have brushed it by myself) to determine the recharge, the system will have a recharge failure and then recharge. This time, enter your QQ number
    not believe

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