How to make her orgasm last longer? A drop in libido after 40 is not a good thing

In addition to local aphrodisiacs and stimulants, men also neglect their role in active exercise; ​lasting and powerful movements require strong muscles, physical help and cooperation. For example, if a man's feet are at the head of the bed or on the wall and his lower body is striking forward, the feet will have the opposite force, making each sprint firm and strong, especially in the female orgasm. This strong sustained impact will lead to a sustained orgasm; ​the problem is that a woman's body or the entire mattress may slide forward with each shock and need to pause in order to regroup and place pose again (fortunately, most women don't lose sex because of sex, her excitement can last and even become more excited with anticipation and anticipation).

On the beauty chair or Real doll, the problem is easy to solve because the woman's upper body is elevated and does not slide.

In addition, not to be ignored is the powerful training exercise of the relevant muscles. After all, men are active, so waist muscles, hip muscles, abdominal muscles or knees are seldom used during the week, usually craving lasting in the clutch, or back pain, muscle sprains, foreign appearances. ​Thus on weekdays, you need to replicate the posture, frequently do gymnastics or professional abdominal muscles, waist muscles, such as more lying on the ground, training arm endurance support, otherwise having a distinct performance is useless.

A noticeable drop in libido after the age of 40 is not a good thing, stimulating emotions simply to achieve orgasm for yourself and your woman, not to showoff and prove anything; ​if there is no desire, try for a lengthy time, not only is interest excellent, excitement, feeling deep, orgasm lasting, can enjoy; ​neither need performance, flattery women, nor need criticism, harsh psychological pressure, thus, truly do not need to think hollow, do not need to restore ambition, strong themselves. There is a saying in the province: The first four people are impatient! This means that after 40, sex is a little less needed, a bit fewer brave than it is in your 20s, and it's a protective measure of the body that we should cherish, want to do, don't want to do and don't have to force.

Of course, it's not appropriate if you're married to a youthful couple or simply married. As for the frequency of excessive time, there is no certain standard.

In general, there is no standard amount of sex, it is entirely dependent on need, and if you don't need it, you don't have to force yourself.

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