wholesale jewelry showcase display English composition consultation

wholesale jewelry showcase display

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  1. wholesale jewelry crystals In my opinion, students should not wear jewellery in school. As we all know, for a student, we should pay much attention on study but not our apperance.And, we should know that we are using the money that our parents earn, we can not waste so much money on these kind of . I think one persons apperance is important, but his heart is mouch more important. And wearing has another short point, many students will compare with each other, I think more and more, students wont have many interests in studing. Thats not a very good result.

  2. hip hop jewelry wholesale com Some schools have some systems that are not prepared to bring jewelry and jewelry, and some schools allow wearing jewelry. Please write a 100 -character article about whether you can wear jewelry in the school. You must have two opposite opinions and suggestions. Remember to write cleverly.

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