buying wholesale faux jewelry for resale What are the emerald green classification and level?

buying wholesale faux jewelry for resale

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  1. wholesale jewelry tools I. A
    The natural jadeite, except for mechanical processing, has no other physical and chemical treatment. Its color and structure are natural, and there are no emeralds added with foreign materials. Very rare, so it is very expensive.
    . The B goods
    The jadeite that has been filled with deep white plus filled processing is bleached with dirty (yellow -brown) and large granules and loose structures. Pores of erosion. Identification: The treated emerald looks very abnormal, green is very bright, without impurities.
    three, C goods
    The jadeite treated with the goods is also the most on the market, mainly in the white ground, or add some green. Identification: Check the green dye with a magnifying glass to concentrate on the cracks of loofah -like, and the green is uneven.
    . D. D goods
    . There is also a kind of person called D goods emerald. It is a fake jadeite with a thin layer of natural jadeite on it. Significance, it is not emerald at all, the cost is only a few yuan.
    Extension information:
    The jade grade certificate identification
    National inspection certificate: National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (NGTC) is a national jewelery jade quality inspection institution authorized by law. Qualification identification of product quality supervision and inspection agencies (measurement certification, authorization recognition), laboratory recognition;
    is an authoritative institution for domestic jewelry testing in jewelery of jewelry in China, and is designated as national scientific and technological achievements appraisal agencies, import and export goods inspection inspection Laboratory and CICC Commodity Designated Laboratory. The style of the National Inspection Certificate is unified nationwide, and it should be inquired on the Internet of China without regional.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia — Emerald
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia — Emerald Level

  2. alexis bittar jewelry wholesale 1. Emperor Green
    The emperor green is named after the color of the jadeite. It has the emperor's spirit and noble beauty. It is the best in emerald. The output is high. Essence
    Emperor green is a unique color. The emperor is green, the green color is positive, the color is thick, and the color is like emerald. The emperor green is very green and green, and the kind of green flowing oil is almost dripping. The emperor green is the best color, and it is worth the city.
    The emperor green is the best color and the highest value in emerald, also known as "emerald green", giving people a noble beauty.
    2, yang green jade

    Yang green is actually called yellow yang green. , Like the color of the sun. The green is bright and uniform. Compared with the emperor's green, it is not as deep as the emperor's green, but it is bright and translucent.
    It is a common color of high -end emerald.
    3, apple emerald
    Apple green, such emerald color is thick and green, and it will be a little yellow from the distance, just like an unfamiliar green apple. But it seems that there is a color, like the color of the seedlings in the green apple or the seedlings in the farmland.
    Apple green emerald is a precious emerald. The environment formed in nature is extremely harsh. The current mineral resources are scarce, and the number of mining and production is very limited, resulting in its high price.
    4, bean green emerald
    bean green, the color of bean green emerald is green and white, uneven, the texture of the jadeite is slightly rough, slightly transparent, and is the most common green in the mid -range emerald.
    5, blue -green emerald

    blue -green color, the color of blue -green, it will cause the green to be dark, the blue color is obvious, he also belongs to pan -blue or blue gray in green Dark color.

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