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  1. In life, accidents are everywhere, and we cannot avoid accidents, so many people choose to buy insurance, which can ensure that our lives can be guaranteed after accidents. People with different occupations have different risks, and the probability of accidents will be different. People with high -risk occupations are generally higher than those of ordinary occupations. When they buy insurance, they will receive certain restrictions. What should I pay attention to when buying insurance? Let's take a look.
    . What is high -risk occupation
    High -risk occupations are occupations with high risk coefficients during their termination. These risks include personal safety and property safety, and they cannot restore their original state in a short period of time. When it comes to high -risk occupations, we generally think of construction workers, firefighters, criminal policemen, high -voltage power staff, pilots, etc., but in fact, many occupations seem to only need to work indoors, and the risks are not small. For example, legal practitioners, they often deal with illegal crimes, they are likely to face the risk of personal threats and accidental injuries. For example, media staff may encounter scolding and insults when reporting sensitive topics, and medical practitioners, medical care, medical care Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, and doctors and patients often have disputes.
    . What should be paid attention to when buying insurance for high -risk occupations
    For high -risk professional personnel, they are in great risk, so insurance is very necessary. Some insurances will indicate that some high -risk occupations cannot be purchased. If they are purchased successfully, they may not get claims in the future. If you change your job after buying insurance, you also need to inform the insurance company that the two parties will continue to negotiate insurance contracts, otherwise they may not be able to claim them in the future. Under the circumstances of the same premium, the insurance amount of high -risk occupations may be lower than the insurance amount of other industries. When purchasing insurance, you need to pay attention to whether there are claims restrictions, whether there is a limit, or a high -risk occupation. Which of the insurance company is strong, I just compiled the relevant content, I hope to help you: the latest list! Ranking of Top Ten Insurance Companies in the country

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