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  1. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China "Opinions on Strengthening and Improve the Work of the Party" is a guiding document that guides and promotes the party's group work to continuously open up a new situation. , Give full play to the role of group organizations and promote the reform and innovation of group organizations to put forward clear requirements and a series of policy measures.
    Om party how to lead group organizations?
    -The group organization implements hierarchical management. Double leadership of party committees and their respective super -level organizations
    "Opinions" emphasized that party committees at all levels should clarify the leadership responsibilities of group work, improve the organizational system, improve the work The mechanism forms a strong organizational leadership system from top to bottom. The group organization implements a system of hierarchical management and the leadership of party committees at the same level. The union, the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation are dual leadership of the party committees and their respective super -level organizations.
    -The full -time deputy secretary of the party committee is in charge of the work effectiveness of the group. During each term of appointment, the party committee should hold a special group work meeting; the Standing Committee of the Party Committee should regularly listen to the reporting reports of various group organizations, and every year, they must study the group work. Generally, the full -time deputy secretary of the party committee is in charge of the group work, and the specific division of labor is determined according to the actual situation. Establish a joint meeting system for party committees and groups, coordinate and solve problems, and promote work implementation. Establish an assessment system for the work of party committees and groups, and take the effectiveness of group work as an important part of the leadership team and responsible comrades in charge of the party committee.
    -The construction of the group is incorporated into the deployment of party building
    The "Opinions" requires the group construction into the overall deployment of the party building work. Improve the system of party building and group building, and use party building and group building as an important part of the responsibility system for party building. The work resources of the grass -roots party and mass organizations are allocated. The planning and construction of grass -roots party organization activities and party member service sites should consider group organization needs. Formulate group organizations to promote the best way to push the group organization as one of the ways to produce active candidates for the party. The party building and group work in non -public ownership economic organizations and social organizations should be promoted as a whole and promoted co -construction.
    How to promote the group organization to play its own role: three "promotion" and three "support"
    -promote the group organization to unite and mobilize the masses around Deepen reform and opening up, promoting scientific development, and promoting social harmony as the main battlefield to play a role, transform the working class's main force, young vital army, women's half -day role, and talent's first resource, and to promote economic and social development. It is necessary to actively publicize reforms and govern the country according to law, organize and guide the masses to understand reforms, support reforms, participate in reforms, promote reform, actively participate in the construction of socialist rule of law countries, and promote the formal extensive joint force.
    The group organizations must carry out extensive publicity and progress of ethnic unity and progress, mobilize the people to contacted the masses with clear opposition to national division, maintain the unity of the motherland, and promote the people of the people of all ethnic groups. Strengthen the exchanges and exchanges with Hong Kong compatriots, Macau compatriots, Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese, and promote the national modernization and the peaceful unity of the motherland. Multi -field, multi -channel, and multi -level public exchanges are carried out, and the friendship between the Chinese people and the peoples of all countries and the core interests of the country will be promoted.
    -Promoting group organizations to guide the masses to consciously cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism
    The group organization is an important platform for self -education and self -management of the masses. Party committees at all levels should promote group organizations to guide the people to inherit and promote the outstanding Chinese culture, and consciously cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism. The group organizations should adhere to the extensive launch, use the organization network and grass -roots positions throughout the urban and rural areas, deepen the creation of the mass spiritual civilization and civilization, and make the education of the core values ​​of socialism.
    -Promoting the organization of group organization reform and innovation and enhancing vitality
    The grass -roots organizations are the foundation and key to do a good job of group work.工会、共青团、妇联等群团组织要以提高吸引力、凝聚力、战斗力和扩大有效覆盖面为目标,在巩固按行政区划、依托基层单位建立组织、开展工作的同时,创新基层组织设置、成员发展、 Contact the masses and carry out activities. The three -dimensional and multi -level expansion of organizational coverage, focusing on the extension of groups such as non -public economic organizations, social organizations, urban and rural communities and other fields, migrant workers, freelancers and other groups. Strengthen the construction of group organizations in colleges and universities to better contact, guide, and serve young students and teachers.
    The new pattern of group work that promotes each other and organically integrates online. Group organizations should improve the work level of online mass, implement Internet surfing projects, build different group websites, and promote cooperation with mainstream media and portals. Strengthen the construction of the online propaganda team, comprehensively use new media platforms such as the hotline and online forums, mobile newspapers, Weibo, and WeChat to conduct online guidance and mobilization. Standing at the forefront of public opinion struggle, actively vocalized, timely vocals, and promoted the main theme of the Internet. Gradually establish a unified group organization basic information statistics system.
    -Supporting group organizations to strengthen the work of serving the masses and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the masses
    The safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the masses is an important task for group organizations. Party committees and governments at all levels should incorporate group work into the party and government -led mechanisms to safeguard the rights and interests of the masses, and support group organizations while protecting the overall interests of the people nationwide while better safeguarding the specific interests of their respective people.
    The party committees, people's congresses, governments, and relevant departments at all levels study and formulate policies and measures, laws and regulations, development plans, and major decisions involving the vital interests of the masses. It is recommended to fully consider the interests of relevant groups. The major decision -making social stability risk assessment mechanism should absorb group organizations.
    -Support group organizations to play a role in socialist democracy
    Group organizations, especially people's groups, are the masses in accordance with the law, orderly, and extensively participating in the management of national affairs and social affairs, management economy and cultural undertakings Important channels. Party committees at all levels should attach importance to the role of group organizations in socialist democracy and better ensure that the people are the masters.
    The government can regularly report to the people's groups to report important work deployment and related major measures to the people's groups by holding meetings or other appropriate methods to strengthen negotiations before and during the implementation of decision -making. The CPPCC at all levels must give full play to the role of people's groups and their union members in close contact with the masses, enhance the harmony of all levels of society and different interest groups, and closely connect with special committees and people's groups.
    -Support group organizations to participate in innovative social governance and maintain social stability
    party committees and governments at all levels must reasonably allocate functions and resources, support group organizations to participate in social affairs management in accordance with the law, and take the suitable group organization to bear the responsibility Some social management services functions are exercised by group organizations in accordance with legal procedures; support group organizations based on their own advantages and participate in government purchase services in a suitable way. The group organizations must pilot the government's transfer function first. After the function of undertaking functions, it should establish a operating mechanism that is in line with the characteristics of public services to ensure that they can be responsible and accountable. Participate in government purchase services. Recognize and be energetic.
    How to the group organization cadres and funds?
    -Properly increase the proportion of part -time representatives at the grassroots level. Pay attention to the selection of grassroots at the grassroots level
    It on the selection of cadres, the "Opinions" requires that the inspection and recommendation of the leadership team should be widely listened to the opinions of the masses. The proportion of part -time jobs at the grassroots level of the Communist Youth League and the Women's Federation should increase appropriately. At the same time, the "Opinions" also proposed that it attaches importance to promoting the group cadres to the fiery practice of the front lines and exercise. It pays attention to the selection of outstanding talents from grass -roots levels such as enterprises, rural areas, and urban and rural communities to enrich the group of cadres. Select the person in charge of the strong grass -roots group organizations, and more part -time jobs, employment and other methods to attract outstanding social talents to join the group work team.
    -Improve the financial expense guarantee system for the group. The union funds are collected in accordance with the law, and the group organization funds supported by fiscal appropriations are included in the budget of the fiscal year at the same level and guaranteed. The support of finances at all levels to increase support for the old revolutionary areas, ethnic areas, frontier areas, and poor areas. The funding subsidies of grass -roots group organizations should be implemented in place, and the funds allocated to the grassroots are tilted to the grassroots. Grassroots units should reasonably arrange work funds for groups as needed. Standardize the organization of the asset management and use system, and no organization or individual shall be occupied, misappropriated or allocated the group organization assets.
    In addition, the "Opinions" pointed out that the group organizations are encouraged to raise funds in various ways within the scope of national laws and relevant regulations permits, and enjoy support policies in accordance with the law. Group organizations should establish and improve social funds to raise, manage, and use the entire process of disclosure, establish third -party supervision and evaluation mechanisms, and improve social credibility.

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