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  1. The integrated marketing we call is not to say simple multi -channel promotion. Instead, through the integration of channels, personnel, content, and marketing purposes, the marketing effect of reducing internal consumption and saving operating costs is achieved.
    The role of integrated marketing:
    1. Increasing brand influence, promoting transactions
    The network marketing can enhance brand influence and promote transactions. The company's positive image promotion, the brand awareness will be improved. A large number of long -tail words will be ranked, which will bring customer consultation to promote transactions. Essence If a user wants to buy your product or service, when you understand the Internet, you will definitely accelerate the order.
    2. Reduction of marketing promotion cost
    Is when doing the entire network marketing plan, it is the integrated marketing of resources and maximize the cost. Edit, all aspects are both time -consuming and laborious, and marketing on the entire network can save time and reduce costs.
    3, the continuous strong marketing of the entire network
    The network marketing can increase the brand awareness more quickly for enterprises, and it will also bring great benefits to acquiring reputation. Related information greatly improves trust, and this continuous marketing can allow customers to find you through different channels, which not only enhances the viscosity between users and enterprises, but also increases the popularity of corporate brands; There is information display. Without money, there is no display. The information covered by the entire network has always been displayed on the Internet.
    4, the entire network marketing covers wide
    The entire network marketing is not a single ranking for website SEO rankings. Many business bosses only know the website keyword ranking. In fact, the keyword ranking is done. Traffic, others have not heard of you, and you can only cover one ranking at most, but through the entire network marketing, you can get a lot of rankings and even dominate the effect of the screen.

  2. The significance of integrated marketing:
    1. It is conducive to optimizing resource allocation
    The implementation of integrated marketing, which can combine consumer demand with the development of the enterprise. Enterprises can use limited resources to maximize corporate goals. Integrated marketing can collect market information through various channels, summarize and analyze market resources, can effectively analyze consumer demand, conduct strategic guidance to the production and development of enterprises, effectively publicize the products produced, promote product sales, promote product sales , Able to achieve the integrated development of the entire marketing. Integrated marketing includes the entire marketing model of the enterprise, can develop a reasonable marketing concept for enterprises, and then organically integrate corporate resources to maximize corporate benefits.
    2. Implementation of coordination and unity
    The integrated marketing has its own coordination and unity. This feature can not only ensure the coordination and unity of internal development in the development of the enterprise, but also help to achieve the unity between enterprises and external markets and external markets. Coordination, ensuring the production of products suitable for market demand and meeting consumer needs. Coordination and reunification are also conducive to the integration of internal management of the enterprise, can achieve systematic management of enterprises, and achieve the overall allocation of internal resources of the enterprise. Organic cooperation between the company's departments can be achieved. Competitive advantage.
    3. Realize the scale of enterprise
    The integrated marketing is an integrated marketing model. Therefore, in the development process, it pays more attention to the modern production and large -scale production of enterprises. Integrated marketing can provide large -scale and modern development strategies for enterprise development, ensure the development of corporate development with modern and scientific management concepts, and the concept of large -scale development provides room for development for the development of integrated marketing.
    4. The inevitability of the development of the market economy
    With the rapid development of the market economy, a single marketing concept is difficult to meet the needs of market development, and it is difficult to keep up with the rapid development of modern market economy. Integrated marketing meets the development needs of the market economy, and can organically integrate the diverse market media, thereby forming a unique marketing model, which is conducive to realizing the allocation of corporate resources, optimizing the internal structure of the enterprise, improving the competitiveness of the enterprise, and meeting consumer needs.
    5. It is conducive to the development of international marketing development in the enterprise
    The integrated marketing adapts to the development of the market economy. Integrating the development of marketing is conducive to the optimization and upgrading of the enterprise, and the implementation of its own organic integration. The optimized allocation of resources is also conducive to the integration between the enterprise sector, the organic integration of the company's recent goals and long -term development, and provides strategic decisions for the company's international development.

  3. The significance of integrated marketing:
    Integrated marketing refers to using all contact points of the brand and other enterprises as information communication channels, with the goal of directly affecting consumers' purchase behavior. The process of spreading. This process should usually be coordinated for consumers and their goals or potential targets.

    The role of integrated marketing:
    This can integrate our existing resources to the maximum, and improve the promotion effect when the minimum waste of resources is minimum. Simply speaking, integrated marketing is a low -cost and high -yield marketing promotion method.

  4. Recently, I often see related issues such as "how to do the integrated marketing promotion", "What are the full -text marketing promotion", "How to write a marketing promotion plan", "the difference between marketing planning and marketing promotion" and other related issues. In fact, these issues are the same, and they all reflect that everyone does not know much about online marketing. In fact, the "Internet marketing promotion technology and skills" Internet technology guests "who decrypt online marketing based on" like magic like magic " In the deepening decryption "document, this is a process with steps and methods.
    Whether you are doing online marketing solutions or direct promotion, you need to understand your products, marketing channels, marketing methods, etc., specifically:
    Common marketing product types and product prices surveys, I have made a simple classification of product types here. (Please read the reader carefully to read it carefully, so that the direct inspection and retraction in the later marketing)
    1.1 Product type Category: 1.2 Product Price Classification:
    A: Fast Consumers Z Type: Free gifts for free gifts
    B: Virtual Product X Type: Very low price
    c type: ticket, conference product M type: low
    D type: health related product N Type: price medium
    E type: children产品P 型:价格高rnF 型:特殊产品O 型:价格超过rnG 型:需求型产品I 型: 同类型价格低rnH 型:急需产品U 型:同类型价格高
    Five basic network promotion forms

    The most basic forms (marketing forms) of marketing products through the network are the following five types:
    V. Mainly)
    L type. Picture marketing (mainly picture)
    j type. Video/short video marketing (mainly video)
    y. Article, pictures, video/short video multiple types Hybrid marketing
    t. Teaching marketing
    Seven types of network promotional carriers

    The meaning of the network promotional carrier is what you wrote articles, pictures, videos, etc. place? Generally, there are several types: (low traffic and low popularity websites and other scope of not discussing, because there is no practical significance at all)
    f1: Website of high weight or high popularity can be published by articles r r
    F2: Website of high weight or popularity can be published with pictures
    f3: High weight or high reputation can be published on a video/short video.
    F5: The official website of the self -built website (including PC or mobile)
    f6: Well -known e -commerce opening
    f7: Well -known or large traffic lecture website
    Only the marketing channels corresponding to the product can only obtain accurate powder and effective promotion. Only with channels can it be promoted through the corresponding publicity carrier. This is a scientific way.
    In I wish you can realize your original dream through the Internet. You must persist and must cheer!

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