1 thought on “TP wallet transfer to which channel to choose”

  1. Specific methods: 1. Open, select tokens that need to be withdrawn on the [Assets] page (for example: TPT as an example here). 2. Click [Transfer] at the bottom. 3. Choose and click the transfer method; (here is a direct transfer as an example). Tip: Click [address book transfer] to directly select the transfer address of the address book storage. Click [Scan Code Transfer] to fill in the address by scanning the QR code of the receiving address. Fill in [receipt account] and [transfer number] in turn, select the miner fee, and then click [Confirm].
    Note: 1) If it is transferred to a centralized wallet (exchange), the tokens that receive the address need to be attached to MEMO or TAG, and MEMO or TAG must be added.
    2) Miners' fees can choose to customize GAS Price and Gas Limit.
    5, after confirming the transfer information, click [Confirm payment].
    6, enter the password of the wallet, and then click [Confirm] to complete the transfer.

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