LED light belt classification details, see you more suitable for which kind?

When it comes to LED light belts, some owners may be very strange, some owners know but only know LED light, for its other specific circumstances may not be familiar with. Today Xiaobian will borrow the information of the decoration company to introduce one of the LED light belt knowledge -- LED light belt classification. Now let's have a specific understanding of it!

1. It can be classified into Flexible LED Strip Light, hard LED strip, and led addressable strip by their flexible LED strip and hard led strip.

2, from the LED light belt LED specifications, common are 5050LED light belt, 3528LED light belt, 0603LED light belt, 3020LED light belt (all above are patch LED light belt); ​another is the LED Great Wall light belt.

3, from the LED light strip length points, the common 5 meters, 1 meters to dozens of centimeters of light strip. The length of the LED strip is generally free to be removed.

4, from the use of LED light belt points, car decoration LED light belt, hotel KTV bars and other entertainment places decorated with LED light belt. The car decoration LED light belt single length is generally short.

LED light belt has many uses, among which the most common is used as LED decorative lights, such as car bottom decoration, hotel KTV bar decoration, home decoration and so on.

Two, several commonly used LED light belts​

1, LED patch light belt

(1) Using ultra-high brightness SMD light source, energy saving and environmental protection, small light failure, long service life.

The lamp body is soft and can be bent at will and fixed on the surface of concave and convex objects at will.​

3 LED primary circuit, can be cut according to the actual, DC12V low-voltage power supply, safe and stable

(4) IP65 protection grade, the use of environmental protection PVC rubber sleeve encapsulation, easy installation, fixed with a fixed clip


2, flat four line of LED lights with LED flat four wire light band for 12 * 24 mm of three groups of independent LED inside, when all three sets of lights on, sparkling brightness and alternating light three sets of lights can realize curve chasing chasing effect or running water, used to decorate brightness demand a higher place or move feeling the effects of the strong, we can customize according to the requirements of normally on, such as color change effect.

3, flat three line of the LED lamp with LED flat three lines lamp with the diameter of 3 mm high brightness LED light source, its 12 * 18 mm sector section is more suitable for in a variety of large flat surface of the object, because its not like circular lamp body distortion, and shoot the light in the same direction, with double row installation LED light source, and the lamp body and rear light, With the controller can produce flashing, dimming and other changes.

4, large and second line LED light belt is the most common type of linear decorative light, 13MM diameter, widely used to outline the outline of various buildings, the construction of large lighting patterns, various indoor and outdoor decoration, community environment beautification, business travel facade decoration, advertising signs, disco dance hall, stage, film and television background production. With the controller can produce flashing, dimming and other effects.

5, with using high brightness SMD SMD patch lamp as the light source, combining with the common way bring the production of LED lights into SMD light band, in addition to a small volume, high brightness, also unique with long length, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, compared to ordinary SMD lamp with its USES more widely, the reliability, security is higher, make high pressure products have more advantages.

This LED light belt is especially suitable for dark slot lighting, floor contour lighting, bar, display cabinets and other places and environments, and can also be used to make high-brightness art lights.

The above LED light belt, each owner prefers which kind?

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