Green to black and shiny ink is high quality?

Ink green, as the name implies, is green black jade, black in natural light, such as ink, but encounter transmission light in the back of the light, it sends out a faint green light, visual experience is extremely amazing. The mineral composition of ink is mainly composed of chloropene, which is dark green under transmission light, and has a relatively fine texture. It is more or less a fibrous aggregate, with good light transmittance and a certain head.

Emerald is also known as the shadow of the lover or the shadow of a successful man. Before 2002, it had a certain market in Myanmar, but the scale is not large, and the domestic jade circle is not popular. Because the main component of emerald is chlorine, some Cuiyu do not consider emerald 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá.

556b041fd0031bb1e890ad02deefc8d6But in 2002, ink was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for HK $1.3 million, instantly shocking everyone, and it went from unwanted scrap to treasured treasure. After the Jadeite national standard was modified, ink emerald is considered to be jadeite, upwind overturned, become a very important jadeite field of a variety.

The QUALITY OF A MATERIAL WITH HIGH QUALITY INK IS EXQUISITE, THE BLACK BELOW NATURAL LIGHT GETS PURE, AND BACK HITS LIGHT GREEN GETS TRANSPARENT, BURNISH IS MORE DOWNY, COLOR IS MORE TRANSPARENT QUALITY IS TALLER. Most of the high-end ink is mainly made of pendants or egg noodles, and most of the sculptures are of religious themes, as well as special figures such as the God of wealth or Guan Yu and Zhong Kui.

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