What should autumn and winter use lifting platform to notice?

As the seasons shift, the temperature will drop, especially in northern areas, where the outdoor temperature is below 10 degrees. In such low temperature conditions, especially in the use of lifting platform, lifting equipment may appear some problems, need to beware in advance, so as to avoid problems in the operation process.

Due to the low temperature in winter, the consistency of the oil will alter, therefore, the best amount of add to the standard level, and then adjust correctly according to the temperature, which not only helps to improve the smooth effect, but also can improve the speed of hydraulic lifting platform equipment. single man lift for sale here.

e0b2ac53ee027356fa284b6e1c3ef9a4Some of the poor quality of hydraulic oil in winter low temperatures may appear caking, thickening. When this happens, the speed of the lifting platform will slow down and the working pressure will be higher, which will increase the operation of the entire equipment, affect the stable operation of the equipment and reduce the service life of the equipment. In order to avoid this situation, hydraulic oil should be measured and checked before use, and hydraulic oil should be correctly added before use.

The above is our autumn and winter use of lifting platform to pay attention to some problems. Hope to help you!

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