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  1. Xi'an, as an ancient city of history, the architecture here is naturally a characteristic, which is the reason why tourists come here. Moreover, with the development of the times, the buildings in Xi'an are endless. Modernization of modern buildings.
    Xi'an, walking here, modern architecture and historical and cultural types occasionally fusion, which makes people feel novel and very special. Then, Xiaobian will recommend some Xi'an to everyone. Special buildings!
    Qujiang Book City
    As soon as the opening of Qujiang Book City, it became a celebrity building in Xi'an. The room is very design, and the simple and elegant route is particularly humanistic. The first floor is mainly to sell some small home ornaments, postcards, succulents and other things. The second floor is a book area. The types of books are very complete.
    In general, it is a good place suitable for relaxation, reading, and strolling.

    Plinter Building
    It Shaanxi People's Building built in 1953, one of the famous large courtyard -style hotels in my country. In the overall planning, the people's building adopts the central axis of the Chinese classical courtyard. At the same time, it perfectly combines Western classical architectural techniques. It is a classic work of modern modern architecture in Xi'an.
    Now it is the legendary hotel of Sofit, which is very luxurious.

    Dahua 1935
    is located in the Changan Dahua Semple Factory. Many people are still familiar with the "Shaanxi Cotton Eleven Factory". Designed by Cui Kai, a master of architecture design. Here, the original architectural style is combined with modern urban functions. It is very literary and can feel the collision between industrial design and fashion elements.

    Xi'an Radio and Television Center
    Xi'an Radio and Television Center inherited the existence of stretching generosity and conciseness in Xi'an Han and Tang Dynasty culture. Lighting is very fashionable.

    The Datang Furong Garden
    It Tang Furong Garden was designed by Zhang Jinqiu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Royal Garden -style cultural theme park.
    The ancient buildings such as Ziyun Building, Ladies Museum, Yu Yin Palace, Xingyuan Garden, Fanglin Garden, Fengming Jiutian Theater, Tangshi and other antique buildings are China's largest Tang royal building complex.

    Damong Gong Danfengmen
    Daming Gong Danfengmen also came from the master Zhang Jinqiu.
    The Danfengmen is the most magnificent Tang Dynasty gate architecture site found so far. "thought of.
    The overall pattern of Tang Daming Palace together, showing the heyday of centralized society in Chinese history -the great initiative of the Tang Dynasty.

    Changan Tower
    Changan Tower is the supreme point of the World Garden Club Park. On the tower, you can see the whole picture of the park. The night scene is very beautiful. It is reflected in the splendid lake.

    Thezhong financial town in the central and western regions
    . Xi'an, an office building that invested 3 billion yuan, won the first place in the World Design Award with a calm technology sense. The building uses black and white space to create a cold technological sense of indoor. I can't believe it. I have such a tall office office building.

    I Tang West City
    The Datang West City Museum is a unique modern site museum. It is the first case and model of social capital protection of social capital to protect the country's precious historical and cultural heritage and build a museum.

    It is located in the Xi'an Aerospace City Cultural Ecological Park at the southern end of Yanta South Road, Xi'an Aerospace Base, with a total area of ​​about 63,952 square meters. The project was awarded the "China Steel Structure Gold Award" issued by the China Steel Structural Metal Structure Association in April 2015.
    It is like an ancient tower and dignified. Although it uses modern architectural means, it has the structure of the Tang Dynasty architecture.
    It, especially the "stacking" modeling technique, so that the building shows the eaves of the pagoda, there is also the implication of bamboo, and there is also the meaning of rising, so that people dream of returning to Datang and experience the power of rebirth of monuments. At the same time, it is a tribute to the inheritance of the old and new forces.

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