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  1. I can give you a correct answer. Because I drove a taxi in Huaihua, it has been four years now. Huaihua has 700 to 1,000 taxis, and the market is basically saturated! Intersection

  2. The route of driving to Huaihua City, Hunan Province, Guizhou Town
    211 kilometers -about 3 hours and 22 minutes

    1. 4.3 km south
    2. Turn left, go to provincial highway 0.5 kilometers
    4. Turn left 8.7 kilometers to the left in provincial highway
    In 34.4 kilometers along the Provincial Highway 306
    6. Turn to 26.9 kilometers from 320 National Highway/320 National Highway
    7. The road section 9.8 kilometers
    8. The exit of the copper kernel/Dalong, go to the provincial Highway 201
    part of the toll section 0.9 km
    9. At the intersection, the 320 National Highway 320 National Highway/320 National Highway 77.6 kilometers
    11. Turn to the right, continue along National Highway 320/320 National Highway
    Turn left to the left, continue to move along the National Highway 320/320 National Highway
    through the 38.2 kilometers of two ring cross -intersections
    13. Continue 1.5 kilometers along Yingfeng Middle Road
    14. The road continues 0.6 kilometers
    15. Towards 252 meters

    Huaihua City, Hunan Province

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