glass jewelry tiles wholesale What are the creatives for everyone to send a ring?

glass jewelry tiles wholesale

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  1. in season jewelry wholesale How to send a ring at the wedding
    top1. The new people put it on the neck chain on their necks with the necklace that the new people want to give to each other. The other person's body temperature and heartbeat are given to each other.
    top2. Use the fish wire and then fly to the newcomer, which feels more fairy tale.
    top3. The little boy is dressed as a Cupid, and the arrow of love is shot with the bow of the love of God.
    top4. Use the magic to give the ring to the bride, I believe that the atmosphere of the entire wedding will be high. First prepare a large egg with a large head, peck out a hole in the middle of the egg, the size of the hole can be placed in the ring, and it must not be too large; then insert a thin straw, blow it into the straw, put the eggs, put the eggs The egg yolk and protein inside were cleaned up; then the protein of 2-3 fresh eggs was extracted, and the protein was slowly poured into the egg shell that was just prepared. ; At this time, it must be sealed with a tape, otherwise the protein will flow out. After the mouth is sealed, wrap it in a tin foil and cook it in the pot. The method of cooking the poached eggs is just like it, and the egg shell is cooked. It looks exactly the same as that of the normal poached eggs.
    top5. Broken ice ritual, put the wedding ring in ice sculpture, and the newcomer crushes the ice sculpture to find it to see the eternal marriage.
    top6. The double -hearted airship passed through the entire hall and slowly flew to the newcomer, solemn and sacred.
    top7. Remote control aircraft to send ring. After the remote control aircraft flew over the heads of the crowd, stopped above the new head, the groom took off the ring and the plane flew back. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to find a strong professional to help remotely control the aircraft. Otherwise, when you want to remove the ring, there will be an awkward scene.
    top8. Hang a large pure white balloon at a high place. The ring is tied with a red rope and hidden behind the balloon. One end of the red rope is handed over to the groom, and the other end is handed over to the person near the balloon. When sending the ring, the groom asked what the bride wanted, and the bride said that he wanted the moon in the sky, so the groom took a bow and arrow to aim at the balloon. When the groom made an arrow movement, the person near the balloon pierced the balloon with a needle ball, and then the groom pulled the The red rope, the people above slowly put the line, the ring slowly dropped to the groom's hands.
    top9. The little angel slowly walked to the newcomer with the flower plate. There was a ring in the middle of the flower plate. There was a cold fireworks on the outside. The fireworks set off the beautiful ring. A little bit, together with the hood and the spotlight, it looks better!
    top10. Ultimate romantic firefly sending ring. The newcomer ingeniously invited the fireflies into the wedding hall. At 7 o'clock in the evening, the lights were extinguished at the scene. When the groom and the bride opened a wooden box and took out the wedding ring, a fluorescent firefly was flying in the wooden box, which attracted the scene of the audience for a while of applause and unprecedented applause and unprecedentedly Scream. At the dark scene, use fireflies to create a romantic atmosphere! Every pure and cute heroine will bloom a bright smile on the stars, and every handsome and mighty actor will fight against the slight light.

  2. wholesale beads for jewelry making china How can the unexpected way of playing wedding rings as a token of love not show up at the wedding? The carefully designed wedding ring shows to make your guests unforgettable and become the most beautiful space at the wedding! 1. Let the cute little flower girl wear feathers wings to send rings. The meaning: the blessing sent by the angel 2. Put the ring in the ice sculpture, smash it with a hammer, the meaning: the hard -won love 3. Find an exquisite and beautiful one. The flower basket, the hydrogen balloon is tied to it, sent the ring to the ring, and then the hydrogen balloon is released. The meaning: happiness is raised. If there is a stage in the wedding, put a small fireworks around the stage, and put the ring on a pair of white. Inside the wings, when the fireworks are put, the hidden ring wings are slowly put down from the ceiling. The meaning: the coming of love 5, the rose of the love, put the ring on the flower This is this. Grandpa and grandparents who have been happy for decades have been sent to the ring and inspired the newcomers to go through their lives with real marriage. The meaning of life is: communicate with the stylist, and take the wedding ring. It is hidden in the bride's bun, and goes directly when exchange the ring, so that the bride is overjoyed. The meaning: you are the love I want 8. Arrange a cute remote car car to send the ring to I only love you all the way 9, two flower girls, holding (or holding) two loves, and lying on the ring after opening, the meaning: the heart is printed 10, hidden in the ball ball, let the bride (groom) use the arrow with arrows (groom) with arrows After the shooting is broken, it will fall (this risk coefficient and difficulty factor will be relatively high, it is recommended to practice first), meaning: one arrow through the love of the heart

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