ebay jewelry wholesale What are the specialties in Mexico?

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  1. wholesale metal stamping jewelry supplies Dalmonic wine, Mexican cactus, Mexican corn feast, Mexican cuisine, Mexican coffee, Dutia noodle cake, Suer beer.
    1. Earply liquor
    also known as "Tkila", which is a specialty of Mexico, known as the soul of Mexico. Takler is a small town in Mexico, and this wine is named after production. Terkra is sometimes also known as "agave" spirits because the raw materials of this wine are very special, using Agave as the raw material.
    The liquid Tequila:
    Exibly wine is usually used to six categories: Gin wine (WHISKY), Brandy, Vodka, Rim (Vodka), Vodka (Vodka) Also called Rom, Lamm, or Rum) (Rum) and Tequila.
    only alcoholic beverages produced by blue Weber agave as raw materials can be called agave (Tequila].
    2. Mexican fairy palm
    The desert hero flower fairy palm is native to the Americas.
    It from the northern part of the United States to the south of South America, the origin of cactus is widely distributed and there are many types. According to statistics, there are more than 2,500 cactus plants in the world, about half of which grow in Mexico, so it is called "the country of cactus". If you travel in Mexico, you can often see the strange fairy palm of the ranging, ball -shaped, and stake -shaped shapes. Among them, the giant pillar palm of nearly 10 meters high has become the iconic landscape of Mexico. No wonder in the founding legend of Mexico and the national flag and national emblem in Mexico, cactus is an indispensable element.
    3. Mexican corn banquet
    Mexicans use corn as a staple food. "Toltiia" is a pancake that places corn noodles in a pan in Mexico. It is similar to Chinese spring cakes. Porter made of green corn is the most fragrant. "Dako" is a chicken, salad, onion, pepper, and fried corn rolls; the highest -grade "Dako" is stuffed with locusts. "Damarez" is a corn dumplings wrapped in corn leaves. It contains stuffed chicken, pork and dried fruits, and vegetables. "Pongso" is a fresh soup made of corn grain and fish and meat.

  2. solid stainless steel jewelry wholesale Mexico's food is one of the world's famous food. Special spices add a lot of wonderful taste to many ingredients. When you go to Mexico, you must taste local authentic Mexican cuisine. Mexican food ingredients are mainly corn cake peel Tortillas, beans FRijoles and green pepper Chiles.
    Mexican cuisine is mainly spicy. Mainland residents often use turtles, snakes, turtle doves, squirrels, stone chickens to enter vegetables. Mexicans are famous for alcohol.

    The special artworks such as silverware, pottery, and hand -made wool blankets in Mexico, as well as leather carvings, gems, jewelry, etc.

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