Full body silicone doll is not good

Tyler: After using it, you can feel different from the real person. The chest is more relaxed than the real person. The inside is absolutely real. mini fuck doll are extremely intriguing to play with. ​The details are extremely clear and you can see them precisely. When pressed by hand, it has the elasticity of a real person. The interior is irregular with grains and folds, which is a pleasant experience.

Dylan: With intelligent pronunciation of the doll just came back today on the rough experience of a ha, now has been lying up in bed, merely say, extra weight, the overall shape is extremely true, there is a huge impact sense, not the general nickname and airplane cup can compare, sexdollcenter upgrade customized jelly chest is soft, details are great, makeup is extremely delicate, The chest feels too tall, the skin tone is real, the eyes are extremely attractive, used twice, fairly satisfied.

Jaden: I broke up with my girlfriend for more than half a year. Men have been lonely for too long, and they still need to be released periodically. It's not neat to search outside. The slightly fatty figure is extremely lovely, simply put in the home to do a hand will produce a bit of fireworks breath, a person to live in the night off work is actually too painful, buy a doll to find psychological comfort.

Zachary: The doll is extremely satisfying from the outside to the inside, the outside is pleasant to the touch, soft yet elastic, the inside channel is tight and soft, the lower channel feels squeezed, the overall feel is well-wrapped and pleasant to use, the entrance is not overly lubricated, the entry process is quiet, and the doll can be enjoyed longer rather than handed in too early. The appearance looks extremely good, the material is soft and delicate, and it feels slippery. It's tight enough in there. I'm glad.

Connor: You can see that the manufacturer actually put a lot of thought into the doll. The workmanship is fine, the face is lovely, it has three dimensions, the hand feel is ok, the joints are flexible, the body can be in any position, not to mention the body. The materials and workmanship are exquisite, and the workmanship is truly excellent.

Logan: The physical doll's joints are flexible and can be posed in any position. The effect is extremely great. The weight is just right for me, and the hand feels real. You truly can!

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